Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

SAO Press Releases

For Immediate Release 1/9/2015

Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore City State’s Attorney, announced the charging of Heather Elizabeth Cook in the Palermo cycling case today. Based on the investigation done by the Baltimore City Police Department, Cook will be charged with several offenses related to the December 27th, 2014, incident.

21-year-old Capone Chase a member of the violent Black Guerilla Family Gang, deemed Public Enemy #1 in July of 2013 by Baltimore Police, has been sentenced to life plus 50 years for the murder of Ramon Rodriguez. Chase was released from jail on probation, for a second degree assault charge just 3 days before committing this senseless murder.

For Immediate Release 3/4/15

Alvin Kelley Jr., 27, was sentenced Wednesday to 50 years in prison for murdering Jefferie Thomas Jr., 22. Kelley was charged and convicted of 2nd degree murder and use of a handgun during a crime of violence in January. Assistant State’s Attorney Sharon R. Holback prosecuted the case.

For Immediate Release 3/3/2015

A Fourth of July family barbecue in 2013 was interrupted by a hail of gunfire. Fortunately for the attendees no one was hurt. Tuesday, a jury convicted Deandre Easley of attempted first degree murder and several weapons charges for his role in the July 4th incident.

For Immediate Release 3/2/2015

At the request of the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office a Grand Jury indicted school police officer Lakisha Pulley today for an incident that occurred at Vanguard Collegiate Middle School on October 28, 2014.

For Immediate Release 2/27/15

Special Victims Unit Prosecutor, Aaliyah Muhammad, was honored as one of The Daily Record’s 2015 Top 100 Women. Muhammad was previously recognized as one of The Daily Record’s 2013 Leading Women Under 40.

For Immediate Release 3/2/2015

Twenty-four year old Darius Brown was convicted of 1st degree murder and two hand gun offenses for his role in the death of Xavier "Ziggy" Lewis. A sentencing date has not been determined. Assistant State’s Attorney Bethany Durand tried the case.

For Immediate Release 2/26/2015

Lukasz Szkiluk was found guilty of first degree murder of his estranged wife Karolina Szkiluk and guilty of first degree assault and false imprisonment of Judith Holland.

For Immediate Release 2/24/2015

Carl Johnson pled guilty Tuesday morning to several burglary and theft related charges. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Johnson has numerous theft and burglary related convictions on his criminal record, and was out on parole for a previous burglary when he was arrested last year.

For Immediate Release 2/18/2015

Charles Morris was convicted of 2nd degree murder today for his role in the death of David Armstrong. Morris was also found guilty of using a handgun in a crime of violence, illegally carrying a handgun, and prohibited possession of a handgun. He faces up to 55 years in prison. Assistant State’s Attorney Traci Robinson prosecuted the case.