Misdemeanor Jury Trial Division

In total, the Misdemeanor Jury Trial Division handled over 7,300 cases in calendar year 2014. These cases included handgun violations, 4th degree burglaries, DUIs, thefts, assaults, car thefts, possession of Controlled Dangerous Substances, attempts to distribute Controlled Dangerous Substances and conspiracy to distribute Controlled Dangerous Substances. In Maryland, a defendant has a right to a jury trial in all cases, including those that originate in the District Court, that have a possible sentence of 90 days or more incarceration. A defendant also has a right to a de novo (from Latin meaning "anew") appeal to the Circuit Court from any conviction in the District Court. The Misdemeanor Jury Trial Division is responsible for all jury trial demands and appeals to the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. Handgun violence plagues our city. For this reason, the Misdemeanor Jury Trial Division also files a Criminal Information, a document by which cases can be charged in the Circuit Court, on every misdemeanor handgun offense. This is done so that these cases may be handled by the more seasoned attorneys of our Division- thereby providing more control and oversight of the charging and case preparation of these handgun offenses. Our attorneys prosecute more victim cases each per year than any other unit in the Circuit Court. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our attention to the concerns of the people of Baltimore City.

Office: 443-984-6182